Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monthly Bills/Balances-April 2013

Rent: $475-3 bedroom house in a small town goes for a reasonable rate these days
Capital One Balance: $277-Will pay this off next week
MB Balance: $3,300-Now that taxes are done, we can start chopping away at that
Electric: $70-guess this is going to be high with the cold temperatures, but it's about to warm up
Propane: $50/month average. We use this for heat, so it won't amount to much in the summer
Laundry: $20/week-this doesn't vary much, coin washers/dryers aren't cheap these days
Cell Phones: $180/month-this includes our internet.  Not cheap, but sadly as truck drivers, we need the smartphones to make our job more feasible
Groceries: $100/week-including dog food and toiletries
Transportation: $120/month-our old used car doesn't get very good gas mileage
Savings: $0-We have money left every week now, but we will be sinking much of it into the camper
Fun Money:-$200/month-Just there to keep the sanity

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