Monday, January 19, 2009

The Monthly Bills/Balances-January 2009

I thought it might be prudent to post what our monthly expenses are and update the balances as they get paid off:

Mortgage: $1595.32/mnth Balance: $177,404.16 Matures: 11/2037
Truck: $557.49/mnth Balance: $30,104.46 Matures: 7/2013
Car: $623.69/mnth Balance: $32,727.91 Matures: 11/2013
Discover Balance: $330.00-will be paid in full by 1/31/09
WAMU Balance: $0.00-just the way I like it!
AMEX Balance: $0.00-hotness!
MB Balance: $0.00-about damn time!
Gasoline: $80.00/mnth give or take $20.00
Electric: $50-$75/mnth depending on the season
Heating: $30-$200/mnth depending on how bitter winter is
Groceries: $300/mnth sometimes less
Water/Trash: $90/quarterly this doesn't vary by much
Savings: $1000-$2000/mnth depends on hubby's OT
Fun Money: $200-$400/mnth this helps our sanity

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Christmas=Emergency Fund

The holidays are finally over and I am breathing a big sigh of relief. I didn't give into the pressure to buy gifts this Christmas. It felt really odd not having anything under the tree on Christmas day, I have to admit. I also have to admit that my credit card didn't melt from over-usage during the holidays and that we are now the proud new owners of an Emergency Fund! Somehow I find the emergency fund much more exhilarating than a new pair of shoes or some other discardable gift. Don't get me wrong, those new Dolce & Gabanna shoes that I have my eye on would look SO HOT on my feetsies, but with this weather, the suede would be annihilated in one wear, whereas my emergency fund is all cozied up in the bank thinking about a vacation to Fiji. Right now with things standing the way they are around the country, I somehow just cannot justify any spending. I'm fortunate that there haven't been any rumblings at my job (or my husband's for that matter) about being laid off, but if we lose any more clients, I don't know where we will stand as a company. That being said, our priorities have shifted to getting comfortable with the thought of living with less things, and living with a bigger safety net.