Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Hi, I'm the Cash Ninja. I've started this blog as a way to vent some of my frustration with the economy and how I interact with it. I hope that you will comment and tell your story.

My story is not that dire right now, but with job loss looming over what seems like everyone in the country, it could get a lot worse. We are learning new ways to be frugal as a 20-something couple, but I'm sure there are better ideas out there. Please write what you do to save money!

I'll list a few that we adhere to now:

We've become vegetarian (for reasons other than just frugality, but that's another issue)
I'm learning to cook from scratch, not just boxes!
We've reintroduced ourselves to board games as a means of entertainment
We cut the home phone & internet off the other day
Our cell phones are pre-paid (this gives us an excuse to end the call quickly!)
I make a grocery calendar for the month and buy everything I can in one trip
We "reduce, reuse, recycle" everything we can