Monday, September 14, 2009

A Rainbow After the Storm

Well after having possibly the worst 2 weeks of my life recently, I'm ready for a little bit of a "pick me up" and by golly, I finally got it! A while back, my husband's OT was taken away and as a consequence, about a quarter of his paycheck up and vanished. Shortly after that happened, someone at his work was given the ole' heave-ho and my husband was given the guy's job. After receiving some certificates saying he was proficient in the job, the boss decided it was finally time to give him salary (which is paid monthly instead of semi-monthly, ugh) and a decent raise! I'm absolutely floored that this finally came to pass! However, with that said, we are still trying to pare down our expenses so that we can live almost exclusively on 1 of my paychecks so that we can bank whatever is left. I'm finally renouncing my spendthrift ways! Those old spending habits are just too incredibly ugly to repeat. Let's hope I can take the high road and do it right this time!

Monthly Bills/Balances-September 2009

I realize this post is a little late into the month, but better late than never!
Rent: $1524 (looking for a reduction since it has become apparent that our building is now a dorm for disgusting college kids that have their parents pay their rent for them!)
Discover Balance: $4953, throwing $2k to this at month's end
WAMU Balance: $3149, paid a substantial amount of money to it, but when it rains it pours! Hubs had to fly to see a dying family member and the pug decided she needed a urinary tract infection to go with her yearly shots from the vet, so needless to say, this balance will be receiving about $700 at month's end as well
MB Balance: $0.00-the only balance I can get excited about right now!
Electric: $60-still around the same as last month as it's been a little warm out
Groceries: $300-$400/mnth-slowing but surely we are whittling this down
Transportation: $86/mnth-train pass
Savings: $300-it's not much, but it's something
Fun Money: we have about $200 fun money this month, so we will have to spend it wisely methinks.