Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joining the Rank & File

Yes, there is a good reason for my conspicuous absence from the blogging world. We've joined the millions of Americans who have lost a significant amount of pay and still do the same amount of work. Our home will be going into foreclosure and our vehicles will be repossessed this month, but don't cry for me Argentina, we're not going to let a little ole' paycut get us down! We're actually moving back into the city and will be able to commute via public transportation and that will save us a significant amount of money. Our sterling credit however, not so much. We are going to make this work for us though. No more dreaming of unattainable ideals. Our nose is to the grindstone to make our savings account shine! This move will save us roughly $20,000 per year! Our driving commute will no longer be a stressful friction point between us, gas price fluctuation will no longer affect us so drastically, and our neighbor parking her car in front of our house for months on end doesn't matter anymore! It's somewhat liberating to be honest. I know that in the months to come when dealing with creditors and the mortgage company I'm going to encounter my share of headaches, but once it's behind us, it's a done deal. Let's only hope others have it this good.