Monday, November 2, 2009

Monthly Bills/Balances-November 2009

Rent: $1524-Considering trying to break the lease as the apartment manager cannot make the residents have any decency in keeping things clean and as a result, our dog had to have a $2000 surgery to fix a problem caused by dirty residents!
Discover Balance: $4290-currently there is $141 that is not part of the available balance, but I think it might just be holds on the card-only paying the minimum this month as we have to save to buy a car since my job is moving to the end of the earth!
Chase (formerly WAMU) Balance: $5052-again, only paying the minimum this month so we can put some money away for a car.
MB Balance: $0.00-still a big goose egg for this card-at least something has a bright side here!
GMAC Balance: $3738-we should be able to settle this debt for 60% and pay it in full this month
Electric: $40-we've started opening the door to let in some cool air!
Groceries: $25/week-not eating terribly fresh food, but trying to scrimp as best we can here.
Transportation: $86/mnth-train pass
Savings: $1000-this is pretty much for the car.
Fun Money:-no fun this month! We spent what little we had on a birthday dinner for the hubs!

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